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panemforthought's Journal

A Hunger Games Discussion/Meta Community
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Welcome to Panem for Thought: a Hunger Games Discussion Community!
Since we love these books and have an appetite for discussion, we've created this little corner of the internet as a place to share our thoughts and questions.

  • Please do not cosmetically alter your post Capitol-style, and blind us with brightly-colored text in overly big or small illegible fonts. The default settings for font and formatting will communicate your message just as well, if not better, than blinking sparkles. Likewise, please observe proper spelling and grammar, and paste longer posts (and images aside from preview images) behind a cut. Note, however, that the ban on flashy formatting is lifted for Lulz Friday.

  • Naturally, not everyone will share the same opinions on the books. While reasoned discussion and debate regarding characters and relationships is allowed, outright bashing and 'shipwars are not. We trust you to know the difference, or be taken out by a rockslide, as aforementioned 'shipwars and bashing shall be tantamount to cannibalism.

  • Since this community is discussion-based, creating a post for your fanworks is not permitted. As we are fans of the series, however, many of us enjoy fanworks and are looking for good recs. For this reason, we encourage liberal discussion and linking of your work and the work of others' (provided it fits naturally into the conversation) and have created rec posts here for fanfiction, here for fanart, and here for fan soundtracks.

  • Additionally, since discussions may end up being about controversial issues surrounding race, gender, sexuality, et cetera, we request that you be respectful of others' opinions and avoid offensive language or derailing tactics. For an example of what derailing looks like, see here. Likewise, if your discussion brings up triggering material, such as rape and abuse, warn for those triggers ahead of time. We would like this community to be a safe space for all involved, which means checking your privilege before entering.

  • Sensitive spoilers, especially for Mockingjay, should be placed behind a cut. While some of us will read the books the very first day we get them, the rest of us may be taking our time.

  • Even fandoms based on darker books require their moments of levity. For this reason, we have deemed every Friday "Lulz Friday" as a break from the srs. Bring your macros and capslock and leave your D: at the door.

  • FINALLY: Stephane Lambiel is Cinna, bitchez. Search your hearts. You know it to be true.

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